Time to take a hike!

Walking Tours

The classic and easy way to go exploring. There is so much more to see when you’re taking it slow. Look up and around and let me point out beautiful buildings, public art works and local stories. Even the most local of locals is often surprised to find out facts he’d never seen or heard about before and you’ll come away feeling totally immersed in the place.


This ancient capital of the Land of the Prince Bishops is a truly magical place – sitting up high on a rock surrounded by a loop of the river Wear it’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Durham Cathedral and Castle attracts millions of visitors every year. Let’s explore this peninsula from its innovative and spectacular architectural gems to its dark “vennels” and hidden courtyards.

Hadrian’s Wall

Rome’s most northern frontier was not just a mighty undertaking to build but also a demonstration of power of the Empire. For almost 300 years Roman soldiers lived and worked along this mighty wall and amazing archaeological finds held in local museums, the excavated forts and the wall itself offer a fascinating insight into our Roman heritage.

Holy Island

It was on this remote little island off the coast of Northumberland that the North of Anglo-Saxon Britain was Christianised. Far from the notion of the Dark Ages this was a truly spectacular Golden Age of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria and the island’s buildings and surroundings illustrate this beautifully.

Newcastle upon Tyne

England’s most northerly city, Newcastle upon Tyne – famed for Geordies, Newcastle Brown Ale and Newcastle United is a vibrant and ever-changing place. You can trace its history back to the Romans and Normans and the Golden Age of the Industrial Revolution. Coal had a lot to do with it as you would imagine but there is just so much more to tell!

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